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Universal Studios Dubailand

The Theme Park:Universal Studios Dubailand

The leader of entertainment is introducing a new entertainment destination for complete family in Dubai. It is named as Universal Studios Dubai Land. It is a co-creation of Dubai, UAE and Hollywood with greatest stories all the time. It is made to entertain to all family members and give them an unforgettable holiday. Universal Studios Dubai is Included with theme park, world class hospitality and variety of exciting entertainment, all these will be available at one convenient location.These amusement studios are made one stop solution to Entertain Complete family, which includes movies rides like Jaws and Men in Black. Person who visits to Universal Studios Dubai Land will experience action packed, one of kind in world thrills when you rides The Movies at Studios of Dubai Land. All visitors will enjoy the Music, Dinning, Shopping, Movies and More at star of these amusement studios Dubai. Moreover, you will find the themed on site hotel at Dubai Studios that will really give you unforgettable memories when you entertain yourself in universal studios dubailand. All of your requirement will be served better all time either it is for music you will get world class, dinning, shopping, movies, hotels all these will be served excellently to you in Dubai Universal Studios.

As it is purposed to entertain person of all age it has different rides, theaters, and action packs.

Different rides like Jurassic Park River adventure, The Hulk, Dueling Dragons, Dr Doom Fear Fall, and Adventure of Spider Man. So you can say all kind of rides is available to entertain the visitors. All these rides are available in Universal Studios Thrilling Rides. All rides are well known for its entertainment and famous in different part of world. Other available thrilling rides are Carou-sea Sel, Flight of Roc, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, King Tots Oasis and Revenge of the Mummy and woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster.

Universal Studios Dubai is going to be incredible for 4 Dimension Shows like Broadway Rose Theatre, The Blues Brothers, The Eighth Voyage of Sind bad and Water world Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic, and Seaside Stage. Several other world Class entertainments will be available, which based on water called Aqua Duniya. It is incorporated a 200 Unique water based rides available in a unique gigantic water based them park. For the Beach Lover there will be Man Made beach available it is of 1000s of tropical fish, sharks and dolphins that swimming freely enabling people to enjoy a unique experience.

Again it is associated with several 5-star Hotels luxury Hotels in a luxury cruise liner ship, is another best attraction here. A person get tired can take breath and sleep there peacefully. When he will wake up he will find himself in other part of Aqua Duniya. These entire good features are making this Universal Studio Dubai Land unique from other available in other part of world.

Ziggurat Pyramid

Dubai is considered as both the economic and cultural hub of the Middle East. One of Dubai’s major economic activities is tourism with thousands of tourists from all over the world visiting the city of Dubai each year. There are several tourist attraction sites in the city of Dubai but one thing that sets Dubai apart from other places in the Middle East and by extension, the world, is its mega structures. Dubai is home to some of the world’s tallest buildings, biggest malls, biggest hotels and resorts and the lists actually endless. These mega structures serve as important tourist attraction sites since they are considered global landmarks due to their sheer size and magnitude.

The Ziggurat Pyramid Dubai is set to be the next big thing as far as Dubai’s mega structures are concerned. The Pyramid will basically be a single self sustaining complex that will have the capacity to house up to a million people. The self-sustaining aspect is informed by the fact that the city structure will be in a position to generate its own energy, have sustainable water recycling system and other such self-sustaining aspects. Moreover, the energy for the pyramid will be one hundred percent derived from natural sources thereby making the Ziggurat Pyramid one of the most environmentally sustainable settlements in the world.

The reason why the Ziggurat Pyramid will indeed be considered one of the absolute mega structures in Dubai and indeed the world is the fact that this complex will indeed be massive in size. In addition to its ability to house more than a million people, the structure would cover more than 2.3 kilometers in length making it one of the longest single buildings in the world. The sheer magnitude of the Ziggurat Pyramid will indeed be one of the main tourist attraction sites in the world and will serve to attract tourist from all corners of the planet.