How to create an Instant Wi-Fi Hotspot with Connectify

Sometimes we need to create a WiFi hotspot so that we could connect other devices like PCSmartphone’s , iPod or anything else that supports WiFi. So Connectify is a Free Utility that can allow you easily make your Windows PC as WiFi hotspot and connect other devices to it easily. If you are bored up with your slow internet speeds on mobiles or other similar devices , this is the perfect solution to boost up your speed easily.

What We Need To Use Connectify

1. Laptop that has internal WiFi or PC with internal or external WiFi Adapter.

2. Active Internet Connection

Let Us See How Connectify Works

Connectify InfoGraphic

Getting Started With Connectify

1. First of all download Connectify by clicking HERE.

2. Now Install it by running the .exe file and reboot your PC . When you restart your machine you see a window like this , Run Connectify by clicking “Use Free Version”

Connectify Welcome Screen

Configuring your new WiFi hotspot

3. There are some basic setting you need to do at startup. First of all name up your connection and give it any password to secure your connection.
4. Now under Advanced Settings choose up your Internet connection. You can see the image below for more details -  
Connectify Settings Screen

Working Up With New WiFi Hotspot

5. To start streaming you just need to click start Hotspot. 
6. Connect all your devices with the name and password set up by you.
7. Now click on the Clients windows in top menu next to settings. Here you can see the list of all devices sharing your Internet connection.
Connectify Clients Screen
8. If you detect any unknown device you can easily remove it or disable access by just clicking right mouse button and selecting the appropriate button. 


So in this way Connectify is a great app to share internet connection easily and allows us to surf at High Speeds.

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