Google Talk Live Chat Widget For Blogger

Today i will tell you about one of great Blogger widgets for your blog. This Google Talk Live Chat Widget allows users to send you chat request when you are available. There are many other chat widgets on web but since it is powered by Google , it is the most secure and user friendly widget.

Google Talk Logo

How To Add Google Talk Live Chat Widget For Blogger

1. Login to your Google account.

2. Now go to Google talk chat back badge page.

3. Now click on Edit button below and Tick show your status message as shown below

Google Talk Settings Box
4. Click Update and copy the iFrame code shown at bottom of the page.

5. Now go to Blogger Dashboard >> Layout >> Add a Gadget.


5. Select HTML/Javascript Widget.


6. Copy and paste  the iFrame code in it and save your widget.


7. Now you need to download Gtalk Software/Plugin if you haven’t installed it earlier. You may follow this link for downloading it.

We are all set up , enjoy chatting with your blog visitors.

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