How To Return Apps Purchased From Itunes Store And Get Full Refunds

iTunes store is a store where people can get any type of data, files, videos, images and many more for their iphone. But let’s suppose you bought the wrong thing by mistake or which is not supported by your phone i.e you bought another version of that file then what you will do?

Itune Store

Some people think why anyone would want refunds for purchases that have made from  iTunes store?

  • You have iphone but accidently you bought an ipad version of your app. Which is obviously of no use to you.
  • Many games have same titles on  iTunes store, You choose wrong one by mistake.
  • Once you paid for any movie, but after you come to know that is so massive to download.
  • You download any song but their is any problem with format.
  • You have more than one  iTunes  account and bought app from wrong one, so can’t transfer it according to your requirements.
These are the some reason why people wants their refund?

How To Return Your iTunes Store Purchases To Apple

The  iTunes app store sales policy clearly says that you can not cancel any purchase and get refund back. But they do the same if you have a valid reason.

1. If you have purchased wrong app and want to get refund only if you have a valid reason then locate the email receipt for your  iTunes store purchase and click the “Report problem” as shown below.

Itunes Purchase Completion Email

If you have deleted the email which is received from iTunes after the completion purchase then go to this special link and you will get the list of all purchased items from iTunes. Then open your order and “Report Problem”.

If you failed to do above step or you don’t have  iTunes on your computer then go to this link to submit a refund request to apple through any web browser.

Report a Problem Form

2. Now click the problem drop down menu and choose an option according to your situation.

Refund Charges Confirmation Email

They probably return your charges within next 24-48 hours if they are satisfied with your reason of refund.

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