How To Add Music, Mp3, Audio Player To Your Blog

“Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words. ~Robert G. Ingersoll ”

By adding nice music tracks to your blog you can maintain interest of your reader in your blog. Many types of music can be added such as soft, rock, jazz etc. You can add music player in your blog where you want either on sidebar or anywhere. So let’s learn how to add music player in blog.

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How To Add Music, Mp3, Audio Player To Your Blog

1. First of all upload the music file to any free file hosting server on internet. there are many file hosting servers are available just google “Free Music Hosting“. Once you upload music file they will provide you a direct link of that music file.

  • The direct link will be in this manner. http://———- .com/yourmusicfile.extension
  • Extension can be .mp3, .mid, .wav or any another. 

2. Now add following code in your blog for music player.

  • width : Width of music player.
  • height : Height of music player.
  • autostart : You can start music automatically or leave on reader choice (values : True or False).
  • music file url : Direct link to your music file.

3. If you add this code the output will be like this. (Live Demo)

Tip : If you use the autostart value “true”, the music will automatically plays. But it annoys the some readers.

4. If you want to add this player in sidebar then
    Go to Layout >> Add gadget >> HTML/Javascript and paste the code and save it.

5. If you want to add this player is any specific post then
    Paste code of music player in “Edit HTML” mode and save it.

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