Facebook Color Changer (Browser Extension)

Hello friends!! Hope you are well. I already shared many facebook tricks with you from which following are most interesting.

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Today one more interesting post is here i.e Facebook color Changer. Many facebook users get bored with that blue color, Do you want to see new color on facebook? Yes you can do that and here i guide for you how to do that?

Facebook Color Changer

Feature Of Extension

After the installation of the extension, Facebook will appear normal as it does. In order to change the colors, you have to navigate to a Facebook page and the click on the icon of the extension in the address bar. You will see two color pickers and but clicking on them your Facebook will change to these new colors. Once you have chosen the colors, then all the pages displayed in Facebook will appear in that color.

How To Change Facebook Color

First of all you have to install an extension. For your convenience i am giving link for Download Facebook Color Changer extension. Just click on “ADD TO CHROME” as shown in below picture.

facebook color changer extension

If you are new in chrome a pop up will be shown as you click on “ADD TO CHROME”. Just click on “Install” and after few seconds you are ready with your extension.

facebook color changer extension popup message

Once you have installed Facebook color changer, you can now change color of your facebook profile. Now i will tell you how you can change color of facebook.

1. When you finished with installation of facebook color changer. You will see a colored icon will appears in address bar as shown below.

facebook color changer icon in address bar

2. Click on that colored icon. You will see following image.

how to change color in facebook

3. Now adjust your color and see live change in facebook profile and stop it when it suits to your choice. Your profile will look like following image. (This is just a demo color, you can change according to your choice).

how profile look after changing color

4. You can revert to default color if you don’t like this just by click colored icon again in address bar and clicking on “Revert to default”.

5. If you want to uninstall this extension. Go to this LINK and click on dustbin as shown below.

facebook color changer extension uninstall

6. Now a popup window will appear, just click on uninstall.

facebook color changer extension uninstall popup window

So in this way you can customize your facebook color according to your choice.

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