How To Add Paypal Donation Button In Your Blog

Hello friends!! Hope you are well. Today i am going to share how to add Paypal donation button in blog.

Paypal donation button

Paypal has now became one of the most popular way of transferring money online internationally, Paypal also provides variety of tools to help you earn more and one of them is donation button. Today i will tell you how easily you can add a Paypal donate gadget in Blogger.


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How To Add Paypal Donation Button

Adding process is very easy same as copy, paste. You don’t worry about coding because it is not needed in this. Just follow following steps to add paypal donation button in your blog.

Setting Up Your Paypal

What you haven’t yet signed up for Paypal? What are you thinking just do it first of all by clicking HERE.

NOTE : Sometimes we face difficulties in receiving payment in personal account via Paypal. So you can  upgrade it to premier account (Free of cost) from personal account. You can do this by following these steps - Login to your Paypal account >> On your account dashboard you will see the account type you have, if Personal is mention there, click on it and upgrade to Premier.

Generate The Donation Button 

Paypal provide a free donation button generator, Only what you need is to enter your details. How? Follow following steps.

NOTE : I personally suggest you to log out from Paypal before creating donation button.

1. Go to this link “Create Donation Button“.

2. Click on “Create your Button now” as shown below.

Create your Button now

3. A window will be opened as shown below.

create donation button details form

Put your organization name and donation id (it’s optional).

4. You can use the customization options if you want to customize donation button, You can put your own image instead of the normal donate button (optional).

5. Choose the currency.

6. Select contribution amount. You have two options either to enter amount by donor itself or you can set a fixed amount to be donated for all donors.

7. The last and the most important step is to enter the email id for your Paypal.

8. Skip Step 2 and 3 there and click on ‘Create Button’ and you will get the HTML code for your donate button as shown below.
Donation button HTML code

9. Copy this HTML code.

Add This Button In Your Blog

1. Login to your blogger dashboard.

2. Go to Layout >> Add a gadget >> Select HTML/Java Script.

3. Title the gadget and paste code (which is copied in step 9) of donation button in contents.

4. Save the gadget. You are done!!

TIP : You can add this button anywhere such as in between posts, You just have to add donation button code (generated in step 8).

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