How To Create A Wireless Network Without A Router

Hello friends!! Hope you are doing well. When i shared a post i.e How to create an Instant Wi-Fi Hotspot with Connectify then one of my reader asked me that is there any way to create wireless network without Wi-Fi router as he doesn’t have router. Then i said you can use your laptop as it has Wi-Fi router inbuilt, but he said he does not have laptop too. So today i will share a post with which you can create a wireless network without a router.

How To Create A Wireless Network Without A Router


If you have one internet connection at home and you want to share that network across all desktop and laptop computers, smart phones, tablets having WiFi but you don’t have a router, then you don’t need to worry about as you can share your network with all other devices in few easy steps. How to do this? Let’s take a look.

What You Need To Setup A Wireless Network Without A Router

1. One Internet connection.

2. Wireless network adapter.

NOTE :  Most new desktops and laptop computers are already equipped with internal network adapters so you are ready to go without a router.

Types Of Wireless Network Adapter

If your computer or laptop doesn’t have built in wireless capabilities, then you have to buy a wireless network adapter. Which can be anyone from listed below according to your choice.

1. Internal wireless PCI card (For desktop computers)

Internal wireless PCI card

Desktop users can opt for internal wireless PCI card as wireless network adapter, but you’ll have to open the computer case in order to install this wireless adapter.

2. USB Network Adapter (For desktop & Laptops)

USB Network Adapter

You can buy USB network adapter which will work as wireless network adapter. This can be used on desktop as well as laptops and easy to use as it is a USB device.

 3. Wireless Network Card (For laptop computers)

Wireless Network Card

You can also use wireless network card as wireless network adapter. You can direct plug  into the your notebook’s PC card slot.

How To Create A Wireless Network Without A Router

Now i will tell you how to make a network without any router.

For Window XP And Vista Users (Wired Connection in, wireless connection out)

If your main computer is already connected to internet and is running window XP, vista or even Mac OS, you can set up an ad-hoc WiFi network and access your other device by sharing your main internet service with this ad-hoc WiFi network (also called computer to computer network). To set up ad-hoc WiFi network just follow following steps.

1. First of all Go to Network and sharing center from control panel.

2. Select “Set up a connection or network”.

3. Now choose “Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network”.

Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network 

4. Click on “Next” button and fill given text area and make sure you select “Save this network” option else the ad hoc network will be removed if no other computers / devices are connecting to the network.

Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network security options 

5. Now turn on “Internet sharing” and your other devices can be connected to ad-hoc network easily.

NOTE : If you are creating network using XP then make sure host computer is running at least XP SP2 or SP3.

For Window 7 Users

If you are running your computer on window 7, then you can instantly turn your  computer into a personal WiFi hotspot without having to configure anything. You just need to download and install a free software Virtual Router.

NOTEVirtual Router works with all editions of Windows 7 except the Starter edition because Microsoft has disabled the Virtual WiFi feature in that particular edition.

Virtual Wi-Fi Router 

Use of Virtual Router is quite simple. Just run the program on any Windows 7 computer and assign a password. As i connected my iPhone with internet with this method. As new device joins the network, their assigned IP and MAC addresses instantly appear in the Virtual Router window. You can click the “Stop Router” button anytime to deactivate network sharing.

Here a question comes in our mind that what is difference in between both (Ad-hoc wireless and virtual Wi-Fi) networking.

1. To set Ad-hoc networking, your main computer must have Ethernet based internet connection and also wireless network adapter. But in case of virtual networking Ethernet card is optional. So you can turn laptop into hotspot even if laptop itself connected to wireless network.

2. In Ad-hoc networks your main computer and wireless device (which is connected to main computer) should not be apart more than 30 feet but there is no restriction in virtual network.

3. Ad-hoc networking is available for both i.e XP, Vista, Window 7, but virtual networking is available only for window 7 or window server 2008.

This is all about the establishment of wireless network without a router. Just try it and enjoy.


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