How To Send Files Larger Than 25 MB Via Email

Most of the mailing services such as Gmail does not allow us to send files of size larger than 25 MB. But some times it is very urgent or necessary to send files larger than this limit. Then what should we do?

Now, you can send files larger than 25 MB very easily. Yes today I am sharing some useful tricks for the same.

Error Message For File Greater Than 25MB

How To Send Files Larger Than 25 MB Via Email

1. Via File Sharing Websites

Using file sharing websites, you can easily send files which are larger than 25 MB in size. Instead of uploading in Gmail just upload it on these file sharing websites and then give the download link in e-mail. When anyone clicks on that link or open that link then that file gets downloaded. So it is one of the most simple method to send files.

Some of the best file sharing websites are – FilesTube4SharedMediaFireRapidShareBoxDepositFilesFileFactory and 2Shared.

4shared is best server to share files greater than 25 MB. you just have to follow following steps to send file.

1. Go to

2. Click on choose file button and browse your file which you want to upload.

3. Click on upload now.

4. When it get uploaded, sign up to see this file in your account. Alternatively, you may use Facebook, Twitter or your Google account to login into 4shared.

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5. Now login into your account and copy the download link of that particular file and then just email that link to your friend or recipient. When recipient receives e-mail and click on that link, the download page will open.

6. The recipient can click on download now to download that file.

NOTE : You can upload file of size 200 MB maximum by this service.

2. Using Yahoo mail service

Yahoo mail allows you to attach and send files of size more than 25MB via e-mail. Just follow the following simple steps.

1. Sign in to your Yahoo account by going to

2. Click on the Attach Large Files link under the Applications bookmark.

Attach Large File Via Yahoomail

3. Click on select file and browse them then click on send via email.

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4. Some times a pop-up is displayed asking Did you Login?, Then click on OK button and Login with your Yahoo ID into yousendit application.

Attach Large Files On Yahoomail

5. After login you can send files easily.

NOTE : This service can send maximum of 100 MB file.

3. Via Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Using outlook you can directly send files larger than 25MB directly,the files which are larger than 25MB will automatically move to your Skydrive account.

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4. Using Dropbox

You can also try Dropbox application to send files via e-mail. Recipient doesn’t need to sign up with Dropbox to download the attached file. You need to follow the following steps to send files via e-mail using Dropbox. This is best method to send your file. I also use Dropbox.


1. Go to, click on Download now button.

2.  Install it and Create new account with your email ID.

3. A folder with name “Dropbox” will be generated.

4. Drag your file in that folder which you want to send.

5. Right click on that file and click on get link option in the Dropbox option.

6. After uploading Dropbox application will give you a message in the task bar.

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7. Again click on the file in Dropbox folder and click on get link option in the Dropbox option.

8. A new browser window will open asking for the e-mail id and message that you want to send with the file.

9. After writing the e-mail id and message click on Send button and your file is sent.

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So these are few services which allows us to send files larger than 25 MB. Although there are thousands of same services but I know these and use these because they are safe and secure too.

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