Download Subway Surfers For PC

Subway Surfers is an endless running game developed by Kiloo for Android, Kindle and iOS devices. The app had been downloaded over 50 million time only on Google Play store. So in this article, I will tell you how to download Subway Surfers for PC.

Subway Surfers is a great game to play due to various features like -

  • Vivid and colorful HD graphics
  • Special Power-ups like Jetpack, Hoverboard etc.
  • Grind Trains with cool views
  • Dash and Dodge trains as long as you could and so on.

Subway Surfers For PC

Though some of the users are unable to play this awesome game on their mobile phones due to several reasons, so in this article I will share some of the best ways to download Subway Surfers For PC and play it when you like.

Download Subway Surfers For PC

Here in this article I will share two method for downloading Subway Surfers on your PC. The first one is using a simple executable file which can be installed and used to play game on your PC.

While the latter one uses an Android Emulator to run the game.

Though none of these methods have been offered officially by developer i.e. Kiloo but we have tested both of the methods and both work perfect without any glitches. So lets learn how to download Subway Surfers for PC.

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Method 1 for Downloading Subway Surfers for PC

This is really a very easy method to download and play subway surfer on your PC. You just have to download a file or application just like another apps on your PC. And after that you need to install it and then you can play Subway Surfers when you like easily on your PC. Below is the step by step guide to download the game -

1.  First of all download Subway Surfers For PC.

2. This is a .exe or executable file. So when the download finishes, simply click over the file to install Subway Surfers on your PC.

3. After the installation has finished, you will see game shortcut on your desktop. Just click on icon to play the game.

Usage Instructions : 

After you run the app simply configure the display options in the pop-up window. You may choose either windowed option or full screen option.

After you run the game, simple click on play button. Use your mouse to control your character.

Select your character using left mouse button and drag the mouse up for jump and drag the mouse down for a slide. You may turn on hoverboard feature by double clicking your LMB. Not only this, you may configure your controls from main window and may also use Joystick or game-pad to play the game.

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Method 2 for Downloading Subway Surfers for PC

In this method, you will need to download an Android Emulator and then the game to play Subway Surfers. Follow the below steps for the same :-

  1. Download and Install Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. After that download the Subway Surfers.apk file.
  3. Simply double-click that app and use Bluestacks to open the app if prompted.
  4. Now open your emulator and Subway Surfers for PC is installed and ready to play.

I have given the link of the latest version of the Subway Surfers i.e. Subway Surfers 1.12.2 Paris. You may download and install the latest version of the game by just searching for the game in 4shared.

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Conclusion :

So these were the two of the best ways to help you play and download Subway Surfers for PC. I hope you would enjoy playing the game.

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