Top 5 PHP Forum Software To Make Your Own Forum

PHP is one of the most commonly used language on the internet. It is an easy to learn and highly customizable language. Today in this article I will share top 5 PHP Forum softwares to make your own forum easily.

A Forum is a place where people can ask their questions and start discussion with other users. Forum messages are generally public and can be read by anyone over the internet. You can check this link to view an example of a forum.

If you are planning to start or make your own forum then you would need some scripts of forum softwares. So in this article I am going to list some of the best PHP forum softwares.
PHP Forum Software

Top 5 PHP Forum Software To Make Your Own Forum

1. phpBB Forum Software

phpBBphpBB Forum Software is one of the oldest and most used forum software on the web. With plenty of advanced and easy to use features, you can get your own forum running within few hours.

phpBB is completely free. The latest phpBB version 3.0 incorporates a professional-quality modular design, high security, multiple-language interface, support for a multitude of database servers and complete layout customization, all with a low execution overhead.

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2. FusionBB Forum Software

FusionBB Forum SoftwareFusionBB is a commercial community software. FusionBB is a very good community manager or forum software to help you fulfil all your task related to forum creation whether small or big. It offers various features like RSS Feed integration, an embedded Portal, really precise permissions, an integration subscription API for payment etc.

And yes of course you need to pay for this. Currently FusionBB 1 Year License costs $129 and renewal cost is $39 per year. But believe me this is worth every penny spent. You can check the life demo of the software here.

3. MyBB Forum Software

MyBB Forum SoftwareMyBB is a full and complete package of forum software to offer wide range of features to you as well as users. The updated administration panel helps you to keep a complete control over your forum. MyBB forum software supports many great features like warning system, task scheduling system, powerful plugin system, user promotions etc.

MyBB is completely free and you can download it via this page.

4. Vanilla Forum Software

Vanilla Forum SoftwareVanilla Forums is an another free PHP forum software and is being used by big companies like Mozilla. Vanilla is super fast and very easy to use to help you engage and grow your community.

Vanilla works on every mobile device. Not only this, social integration also helps you draw more users to your forum. Vanilla can be integrated into any platform. For more features please visit their official website.

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5. XenForo Forum Software

XenForo Forum SoftwareXenForo forum software is designed by former vBulletin employees. XenForo is an incredibly modern and intuitive clean and smart design based forum software. It would be very difficult for me to compile all the features of this awesome product in few lines so I would recommend you to check out its features by visiting their homepage.

The current pricing structure is $140 for a Standard License, $250 for Brand Removal. You can always try the few above mentioned free alternatives, if you can’t afford XenForo.

Conclusion on PHP Forum Software

So these were some of the best PHP forum software to help you build your own forum easily. All the software come up with powerful admin interface and other customization options. I hope these PHP Forum software would help you create a professional looking forum easily.

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