Top 10 Flashlight Apps For Android

Mobile phone technology has penetrated our lives and has become a necessity, while holding the position of an assistant we look upon it to help us in times of need. Talking about need, flashlight application holds a significant place in frequency of use and you would agree that it has saved your skin in times of an emergency. Oh and yes it’s not only a rescuer application but gives you power to start a party with style anywhere and at any point of time. So here we have decided to list the top 10 flashlight apps for android devices.

Top 10 Flashlight Apps For Android

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Top 10 Flashlight Apps For Android

Tiny Flashlight:

Tiny Flashlight App

Its wide variety of flashlights makes one of the most attractive flashlight apps for android available on Google Play Store. The application uses mobile’s integrated camera flash to be used as a torch, which get even more eye-catching due to availability of brightness option.  User can adjust brightness and colors of light according to his own choice and liking.


Disco Lights:

Disco Lights Flashlight App

If you are fun-loving person and love to party with the intention to have all eyes on you, then this is the flashlight app for android is tailored for that specific purpose. The app user gets the freedom to choose among 6 kind of awesome flashlights. It turns into a graphic equalizer and you can adjust brightness and timing according to surrounding environment and background music and hence totally syncing yourself with the mood of the party.


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Color Flashlights:

Color Flashlights App

If you love the simplicity and ease in usability just like me then this app provides you with consistently updated interface and is extremely easy to use. It turns your LED flash into a beam of light to help you in dark places or in any emergency. It also comes with an option to display your messages through these cool lights.


Brightest Flashlight Free:

Brightest Flashlight Free App

The name says it all. This flashlight app for android provides you with a brightest flashlight. You can adjust the brightness of the app as per your needs. Apart from LED flash you can even turn your screen into a glowing light of various colors apart from the white. The app comes 100% free along with great developer support.


Flashlight LED Genius:

Flashlight LED Genius Flashlight App

This application comes with an innovating feature of shake to turn on the flashlight automatically and impressively doesn’t overload the battery consumption. This feature allows letting this flashlight app run in the background just like all other apps without causing much load.


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Flashlight HD LED:

Flashlight HD LED Flashlight App

Out of our list of top 10 Flashlight apps for android this is one of the recommended app that you must try atleast once. Flashlight HD LED application comes with an opportunity to add a widget to your home screen for stress free access.  This app is an impressive choice if you want trouble-free and quick access to the app.


Super Bright Flashlight:

Super Bright Flashlight App

The application is free along with a user-friendly interface and a great developer support. This ultimate combo makes this flashlight app for android an elegant choice for many users.


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Color Flash HD:

Color Flash HD Flashlight App

This application has much type of lights apart from the common flashlight. These include -

  • Disco lights
  • Police lights
  • Warning lights
  • Candle lights

All in one support makes this android app the most installed app in Flashlight application’s market. More features include adjustable

  • Color
  • Brightness
  • Timing

Also it takes up only small memory space and battery consumption to work.


Tesla LED Flashlight:

Tesla LED Flashlight App

This app has all the features and functions that you’ll need to personalize this application according to your use. Tesla Flashlight app for android supports a widget option for easy access just like Flashlight HD LED application and provides kinds of flashlights which are fully customizable.


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LED Light:

LED Light Flashlight App

Finally last but not the least of top 10 flashlight apps for Android is LED light. This application brightens the LED for more significant and bright light. Rest almost all the features and utilities offered by this app are the same as the flashlight apps given above. The application is supported for Android 1.6 or later versions.


Conclusion On Top 10 Flashlight Apps For Android:

So these were the top 10 flashlight apps for android which would definitely come handy for you to meet up all kinds of your emergency needs. So now the decision to install the perfect flashlight application is in your hand, which meets your requirements to the most optimal level.

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