Top 10 Free Screen Recording Softwares

Screen Recording softwares can really come quite handy especially if you need to record a tutorial or even make videos of how-to tutorials being displayed on the screen of your PC.

Anything being the reason behind screen recording, one would be always willing to get his job done effectively and at the same time is cost effective or even free. Free screen recording softwares are the tools that can help you record your screen for free. Mostly these free software provides you with almost all basic features what you would need while recording your screen.

So in this article today, I am going to share the top 10 free screen recording softwares available in the market that you can use to meet up your basic screen recording tasks.

Top 10 Free Screen Recording Softwares

Top 10 Free Screen Recording Softwares

The market is filled with all sorts of screen recording softwares that have different features and offer different services, the following are the top free screen recording softwares that help you record every action you do on your desktop:

1. Ezvid

Ezvid offers a great screen recording program. After installation Ezvid provides you with an in-built video editor that enables you to edit and split your recordings and add further components to it like text to create e a slideshow effects.

Once you are done with the recording you can even upload the video to YouTube using the same software. However the downside of the software is that it does not allow you to export the videos to your computer hard disk. The software has various features and preferences options that you can set according to your own desires.

<Download link>

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2. Blueberry Flashback Express Recorder

Blueberry Flashback express recorder is recording software that has a more unique twist to it. It uses your webcam to record yourself while at the same time recording the activities on your desktop. This is a very handy tool especially when it comes to making tutorial videos or step by step video clips.

After recording, you can easily edit the file and work on it. Also you can decide not to use the webcam and have the screen recording exported in .AVI form. This is really one of the best free screen recording softwares out there in the market presently.

<Download link>

3. Screenr

You just need Java to run this software. With no installation involved, Screenr lets you select a certain area on your screen that you want to record. Basically, Screenr is web-based screen recorder software that allows creating your videos or screencasts right in the browser itself.

Once the recording is done it is recorded on your account then you are given a link so that you can share your recording with our people.

<Visit website>

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4. Rlystim Screen Recorder

For a basic recorder, this is one that will get the job done. Just hit the start record button and that is it. It records what is on the desktop and save it on the computer once done. This is easy to use free screen recording software.

<Download link>

5. CamStudio

This software has features and options that will let you record in different styles and to let you create a high standard video for you to use for any purpose. The software provides you with functionality of being able to record sounds from program, turn off and on the microphone and other options. Also you can records a small part on the desktop and leave the other one free to use while recording your videos.

<Download link>

6. Webinaria

You can choose to record the screen or custom select which part of screen to record. You can also choose from 3 different frame rate options available there to record your videos. All videos are recorded in .AVI file format.

<Download link>

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7. DVDVideoSoft Free Screen Video Recorder

It has a simple user interface with 9 icons. 4 of them are for capturing the screen, the next 4 handle recording and last one opens the options of the software. When done, it exports all videos in AVI format.

I had already written a detailed review on this software which you can check by visiting this link : Edit videos Using Wondershare Video Editor

<Download link>

8. Krut

Krut also needs Java to run. After downloading this tool, simply click on it to run the application. You are able to customize the area of recording and the frames per second. Also this software has a unique feature that captures the area around your mouse when you move it. It provides you with outputs in two formats i.e. .WAV and .MOV files.

<Download link>

9. Capture Fox

This is a free Firefox add-on that lets you record every action on your desktop. This is a browser add-on that lets you make tutorials and videos. You can also decide whether to record sound or not. After recording you can also edit the video very easily.

<Download link>

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10. Jing

Jing provides you with the quality and instant screen recording options that you need. Also once done, you can instantly share your videos and pictures.

However, personally we are using Camtasia studio which is a paid tool from the same company i.e. TechSmith. CS can handle all your video production and video editing requirements with great ease.

<Download link>

Conclusion on Top 10 Free Screen Recording Softwares:

With all this information, now you can easily know which free screen recording softwares would fit your needs. Just make sure that you have considered all your requirements before installing or trying any software on your PC. If you found this list helpful, please share it with your friends on social media networks.

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